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Love, Loyalty, Healing

Energy Threads

Energy Threads Press exists to empower anyone who has suffered through abuse, mental health crises, loss of family members, or other life challenges by sharing inspirational stories, guidance, and other methods for healing.

Love Lingers Cover

Love Lingers Still: A Haunting Anthology of Lost Loved Ones

The bird singing at your window for a week after she passes. The bed sinking in like he’s sitting next to you one last time. The song that plays just when you need it. The toy that moves itself when you aren’t looking. The ghostly caress of their hand to your face one last time as they fade into the light of everlasting peace. The love of your fallen surrounds you daily if you are but willing to look. This anthology seeks to encompass the sorrowfully sweet memories to the chilling haunts that let us know that those who have gone before linger round us still.


We have a collection of grief support and suicide prevention resources that we recommend to help with this cause.