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Love Lingers Still

Grief is a feeling we all experience at some point in our lives. Whether it's the loss of a loved one, the loss of a pet, or even just the end of a friendship, there are times when grief can feel like the only thing you can see, hear, smell and touch.

This anthology is meant to help you navigate those feelings—and maybe even find comfort in them. From our authors' perspectives both real and imagined, we hope this collection will help you cope as you face your own losses in life.

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Love Lingers Still Featured Authors

Ellen Meister

A beautifully rendered piece about the loss of a dear friend
Ellen Meister is the author of eight critically acclaimed novels, which have been called, “powerful, moving and emotional,” as well as “hilarious and poignant” and “heartbreakingly funny.” Her books include TAKE MY HUSBAND, THE ROOFTOP PARTY, and LOVE SOLD SEPARATELY from MIRA/HarperCollins, and THE OTHER LIFE , DOROTHY PARKER DRANK HERE, and FAREWELL, DOROTHY PARKER from Putnam/Penguin. Her essays have appeared in Publishers Weekly, Wall Street Journal blog, Huffington Post, Daily Beast, Long Island Woman Magazine, Writer's Digest and more. Ellen is also an editor, book coach, creative writing instructor, and screenwriter.

Gregory Norris

A haunting tale of the passing of an uncle
Gregory L. Norris writes for short fiction anthologies, magazines, novels, and the occasional episode for TV and film. He lives in Xanadu, a grand old house in New Hampshire's North Country which his late husband Bruce restored in 2013. Writing, he often says, is the heartbeat within his heart.

Loriane Parker

A spellbinding ode to a lost parent
Loriane Parker writes fantasy fiction and is a graduate of the 2011 Odyssey Writers Workshop. Her publications include her short stories "Thief of Souls" in Thunder on the Battlefield, Volume I: Sword and "The Orb of Shadows" in the anthology In the Shadow of the Mountain. A fan of Manga and Dungeons and Dragons, she lives with her two Welsh Corgis near a wildlife preserve where bald eagles soar overhead and wolves howl in a nearby Sanctuary. To find out more about Loriane and her writing, visit her website at

Christina Chielli

A haunting piece of a lost fur baby
Christina Chilelli is an avid creative writer who primarily focuses on historical fiction and historical fantasy pieces. They are a graduate of Tiffin University’s Master’s in Humanities Creative Writing program, and currently a doctoral student in Murray State University’s Doctorate of Art in English Pedagogy program. They tend to focus their studies on the importance of diverse and accessible literature and feature strong women and Queer characters in their work. The piece “Little Ghost” was written after the passing of their childhood dog, Napoleon, as a means of memorializing and dealing with their grief.

Christopher Frost

A child’s grief encompassed in a chilling memorial
Christopher Frost is the author of 396 as well as the novellas, Last Exit and The Door at the Top of the Stairs. He has had many short stories published in Down in the Dirt magazine as well as The Ethereal Gazette. Christopher is an advocate for mental health awareness, because of his own struggles, and participates in many charities including the annual Run for Suicide Awareness 5K. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife and three daughters.

David Singer

A brother remembered
New Hampshire resident, rapidly approaching the Age of Curmudeon, not to be confused with the Age of Aquarius, David is an ex-surfer boy from So Cal, author of the Classanr Series of western novels, ex-movie maker and general cut-up who humors himself making web pages and stacking wood for winter. A systems analyst at heart, and as all good editors should do, David can find fault in just about anything when he puts his mind to it. Fortunately, he offers probable paths of mitigating opportunities, thus preventing himself from being totally insufferable.

Linda Holmes

A mailed reminder of a granddaughter gone too soon

Retired paraprofessional, accountant, and caregiver, I currently live with my husband and his service dog.  My favorite thing is spending time with and caring for family.

Marymartha Bell

A stream of consciousness in the hereafter

Marymartha Bell is a dangerous person to love, having outlived two husbands before she met Bobby Bell. A semi-vegetarian, she married a cattleman. Both she and Bobby did a little bit of a lot of things. She loves education, has a BA degree, worked as a technical writer in defense and aerospace, a biographer and editor, taught preschool, was a behavior therapist with autistic children, elementary and high school students. The only thing she did for long was mothering and boasts four adult sons who are self-reliant, loving individuals. She currently lives in the east with her goofy dog.

Quantre Moore

A former student learns of grief and death at a young age

Quantre Moore is a college freshman born and raised in Kansas City, KS by a single mother alongside six siblings. 

Sara Fowles

A widower communicates with a ghost in his home through a lightbulb

Sara Fowles grew up in New Hampshire, where the ever-changing seasons taught her to appreciate rather than fear the signposts of change. She loves corgis, coffee, and her husband, in no particular order. Her previous work has been published by Crooked Cat and Great Old Ones Publishing. You can visit her on Instagram @sarafowlesfiction and find her dog-related adventures on TikTok @dogpuppyandme.

T Antoff

A prose poem that weaves a sorrowful spell

T Antoff is a historian, writer, and artist whose home will always be in Scotland. Never without a pen and notebook, writing has been a constant companion their entire life. They currently live in northern New Hampshire with their partner, two dear friends and housemates, three black cats, and a loving rescue pug.

Marinda K Dennis

A mother’s tale of loss and remembrance
Marinda K. Dennis is a short story author, novelist, and poet. She holds an MA in English and an MFA in writing. Marinda teaches college composition, appreciation of literature, and creative writing at various locations across the United States. In addition to this she edits works for other published authors and lounges on the boat out at the lake with her children when time allows.

Julia Gordon-Bramer

A story about a friend who left too soon

Julia Gordon-Bramer is a poet, occasional professor, Sylvia Plath scholar, and professional tarot card reader. She is the author of Fixed Stars Govern a Life: Decoding Sylvia Plath (Stephen F. Austin State U Press, 2014) and the Decoding Sylvia Plath series (Magi Press, 2017). In 2023, her books Tarot Life Lessons (Destiny Books) and The Magician's Girl: The History and Mysticism of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes (Inner Traditions) will be released. She lives in St. Louis with her husband, Tom Bramer.