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Energy Threads, LLC  

Energy Threads has been a project in the making since 2012. It has been a little bit of everything as we have worked to find our brand and place in the world. At first, it was for personal training in Yoga and Pilates. Then it was used for card readings followed by editing for authors.

In 2021, Energy Threads took the big step of becoming an LLC specifically for editing and publishing. Most recently it has become an outlet for authors who seek Love, Loyalty, and Healing.


Energy Threads is here to help those who seek solace after difficult times, those who have survived the gauntlet of life and dare to tell their tale, those who are weary from their tribulations and the storms that are often thrown their way, and those who grieve deeply from personal losses. It is our goal to provide content, resources, anthologies, and books that highlight what it means to overcome, to strive beyond the pain, to become loyal to your own journey, and to find healing on the other side.


Energy Threads has its roots firmly focused on helping those suffering from physical, mental, or emotional pain, to bring light to the darkness that has formed within. The company is meant to provide resources, books, and content to compassionately help those in need of Love, Loyalty, & Healing. Our publishing calendar emphasizes a mixture of anthologies and novels.


Love, Loyalty, & Healing combine to make our brand. These are also the results we want for our readers – everything we publish, regardless of genre, will contain at least one of these themes. (And for clarity: Love does not mean romance; it refers to the bonds of family love or the love for self that we should all be showing to ourselves.)

Owner, Editor, and Author Marinda K Dennis

Marinda K Dennis, owner, editor, and author, has been on her writing journey since the tender age of 13. Her first big publication came through a piece meant for her own healing called “The Evil Deed.” This piece won an American Voices Award with Scholastic Art and Writing Awards at the national level in 2000.

Since then, Marinda has earned her MA in English, her MFA in writing, and is currently working on her DA in English Pedagogy. She has been an editor on her college literary magazine, for other publishing companies, and for numerous authors. During this time, the dream of publishing her own works continued to sit and brew in her brain.

The major catalyst for launching her company into something bigger than she dreamed possible was the passing of her teenage daughter in June of 2022. After her daughter’s suicide, she made it her mission to provide Love, Loyalty, and Healing for all those hurting and in need of solace during and after painful times.

It is with this in mind that Marinda invites each of you to find your own Love, Loyalty, and Healing through the pieces produced by the authors here at Energy Threads, LLC.